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Hello everyone! I'm Wild Tiger's late wife, Tomoe Kaburagi!

Please read the headcanons carefully before, so you can understand how this mun rps!

M!A: n/a

Kotetsu and Tomoe by オオシマ

[If anyone is looking for me, I am at marcy-bodt]

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[came to check account.

forgot I was on this account.



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[Well, it seems as many times as I’ve said I’d come back, it’s just not going to happen. I don’t have any interest in T&B left.

I will however keep the account open, and will check on it when I can (and remember) so send me asks or anything, and I’ll answer them when I get around to it.]

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Kaburagi T Kotetsu aka Wild Tiger, Tiger & Bunny

[/crawls in from the depths of hell

so my move date was moved to tomorrow, so in that meantime, I’ve been packing and working and generally getting ready

ugh =A=]

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